From communism to consumerism
Silviu Ghetie

After the 1989 revolution the Romanians changed their style of life. All
that was not available for them during communism was now invading the
market, food, clothes, vehicles, electronics and so on.
The mentality has changed too, they started to love what they were
taught to despise. For a long time they were told by their leaders that
the capitalism is bad, is not a proper style of life, the business is
not done correctly and that society will soon collapse.
After the fall of communism people start to imitate the western way of
life, but somehow managed to melt it with their own traditional style of
Silviu Ghetie documented the transition from communism to “consumism”, a
phenomenon which probably took place as well in other communist
countries and managed to describe it in images taken in the new large
mall’s and villages where he surprised a more naive and caricatured face
of it.

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